Oncall Partner Network

Supply on Demand


We believe access to subcontractors should be easy

If you’re a healthcare facility in need of a large supply of quality staff quickly, the Oncall Partner Network is the best vendor network experience in the industry. Gain access to over 140 vetted partner agencies with one click while you maintain:

  • One contract
  • One point of contact
  • One Joint Commission certified Oncall compliance process
  • One bill

You don’t have to disrupt any existing processes or relationships with suppliers you value. Pick and choose the vendors you want to work with and we’ll take care of the rest. It is complimentary for all existing clients and does not require you to implement a full MSP solution.


“I am happy with my new job and this is largely due to the care taken by On Call Staffing to find me a position which closely matched my skills and experience.”

“I would like to compliment your agency for a great job of placing the appropriate temp with us.”

“I found the experience with On Call Staffing very easy and professional.”

“The people at On Call Staffing take the time to understand our working environment so they always send the
right people for the job.”

“Just a note to let you know how very impressed I was with the service Ireceived at On Call Staffing.”

“The people at On Call Staffing take the time to understand our working environment so they always send the right people for the job.”

Increase fill rates with qualified candidates

Why limit your candidate pool? Save time and money with the Oncall Partner Network by accessing thousands of supplemental candidates as soon as your job posts. Oncall does not hold jobs from partner agencies and guarantees payment to them within 29 days. This differentiated approach heightens supplier engagement, which leads to higher fill rates for your facility.

Meet the Oncall Partner Network Team

Meet the Oncall Partner Network Team

Partner Experience: From training to checking booking details and answering any and all questions, the partner experience team ensures you are fully satisfied with your Partner Network involvement.

Supplier Relations: The supplier relations team liaises between Oncall account managers and our vast network of vetted healthcare staffing partners. They ensure partners are up-to-speed on Oncall Joint Commission compliance process and are prepared to fill your roles quickly. Need a custom solution? We’re happy to help craft the right Partner Network mix for you!

Strategic Business Development: Need a job prioritized? The strategic business development team can help. They will email, call and bend over backwards to get your open positions filled.

We want to work with organizations that share our core values

If you believe what we believe, we’d like to explore a partnership with your organization. For more information about the Oncall MSP contact info@oncallstaffingsolutions.com or submit a staffing request now.