Oncall MSP

Oncall MSP

Customized Solutions for Contingent Staffing Labor Challenges

Discover the Oncall Managed Service Program (MSP)

The Oncall MSP delivers a customized and comprehensive solution to your facility’s contingent labor staffing challenges and will:

  • Simplify staffing processes
  • Save time
  • Improve quality
  • Increase fill rates
  • Increase retention
  • Increase program efficiency & value

Get access to the full suite of Oncall workforce solutions with the Oncall MSP

Oncall Healthcare Staffing

Fill all your travel RN, allied, per diem, EMR conversion, locum tenens and non-clinical needs with the agency rated #1 by clinicians


The industry’s easiest-to-use software, Aya Connect, provides access to all staff documentation

Oncall Clinical Services

Dynamic clinical services, including Oncall Clinical Interviews, coaching and remediation

Oncall Partner Network

Access to the robust Oncall Partner Network of hundreds of preferred vendors


We believe an MSP should be customized to fit YOUR needs

You deserve flexibility and choice. One size does not fit all. That’s why Oncall offers the only fully customizable MSP solution. You can pick and choose the service design that’s right for your organization’s specific culture, desired outcomes, business and financial goals. We understand that every client is different and built our technology, processes and delivery model to help meet your unique needs. When you partner with Oncall, we deliver consolidated processes, standardization and automation for the full life cycle of staffing procurement. We are committed to user satisfaction for our clients, clinicians and trusted supplier partners. In fact, only Oncall offers suppliers early payment, immediate access to all needs and Vendor Management System (VMS) technology designed and implemented to make it easier for them to fulfill your needs. Through the Oncall MSP, you get a dedicated team to provide market intelligence and analytics, spend analysis and dynamic reporting to keep you well informed and ahead of the competition. The Oncall team will centralize credentialing, billing, ordering, contracting, risk and insurance management from all contingent labor providers to your facility.

Benefits of an MSP Partnership


Gain sophisticated reporting and greater transparency into your contingent workforce. Utilization, supplier engagement and worker statistics are available in a customized and consolidated format. Improve quality through objective standards and measurements.


Implement the industry’s easiest-to-use software, Oncall Connect, quickly and easily to access customized market insight and analysis, simplified requisition processing and quality management. Enforce business rules through automation.

Efficiencies & Savings

Decrease internal burdens (both time and costs) through Oncall service delivery and technology support. Over 200 recruiters will make your positions their highest priority and your jobs will be displayed at the top of their job searches. Drive standardization, decrease fulfillment time and improve quality.


Improve user satisfaction and support through the consolidated and simplified Oncall process. Enjoy centralized credentialing, billing, ordering, contracting, risk and insurance management from all contingent labor providers and the Oncall Partner Network. Suppliers, contingent labor and hiring managers benefit from our streamlined service delivery and technology. Gain first access to top-quality clinicians.

We want to work with organizations that share our core values

If you believe what we believe, we’d like to explore a partnership with your organization. For more information about the Oncall MSP contact info@oncallstaffingsolutions.com or submit a staffing request now.