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Experience Oncall Connect in action and understand why it’s known as the industry’s most user-friendly software. Add a job, view your candidates and download compliance documents with one click. Oncall Connect helps you streamline your staffing process with ease.

  • Save time
  • Stay organized
  • Increase transparency
  • Customize reporting
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“I am happy with my new job and this is largely due to the care taken by On Call Staffing to find me a position which closely matched my skills and experience.”

“I would like to compliment your agency for a great job of placing the appropriate temp with us.”

“I found the experience with On Call Staffing very easy and professional.”

“The people at On Call Staffing take the time to understand our working environment so they always send the
right people for the job.”

“Just a note to let you know how very impressed I was with the service Ireceived at On Call Staffing.”

“The people at On Call Staffing take the time to understand our working environment so they always send the right people for the job.”

We believe that clinical document management should be easy

Every client should have access to software that streamlines their clinical staffing, reporting and compliance needs. That’s why we offer free, web-based software to every client, regardless of the nature of our contractual relationship. Our clients can log in anytime to see all current and past healthcare providers on assignment as well as view all candidates and open jobs.

With Oncall Connect, you’ll be prepared for an audit with a compliance depository and printable documents that are updated in real time. Post jobs with easy templates that feed directly into all Oncall systems, including the Oncall Partner Network, as well as make offers or decline candidates with one click. We understand that one size does not fit all, so we will create customized reports to fit your specific needs and eliminate any reports that you find unnecessary.

Since Oncall Connect is not an implementation of a third-party software, but rather our own, proprietary platform, client implementation can happen in minutes. It is always running in the background, collecting data for your healthcare facility, making it easy for you to access to your data, whether or not you use it on a daily basis.

We believe that good enough is never good enough

We continuously refine our software and service offerings based on customer feedback. We meet with our clients often and review our implementation, compliance, reporting and billing regularly to ensure we deliver the highest quality solutions that reflect the best ideas in healthcare management.

We want to work with organizations that share our core values

If you believe what we believe, we’d like to explore a partnership with your organization. For more information about the Oncall MSP contact info@oncallstaffingsolutions.com or submit a staffing request now.