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Welcome to On Call Staffing Solutions

Welcome to On Call Staffing Solutions There is a lot that goes into quality staffing. Matching a candidate with multiple job options is what we excel at. The modern world has more ease of transportation and information sharing then ever before. Careers will adapt to the ever-changing portrait of our environment.

Why Choose On Call Staffing Solutions?

Why Choose On Call Staffing Solutions? On Call Staffing is a premier healthcare and IT staffing agency serving clients nationwide. We operate in multiple states and have highly skilled pool of professionals available for short term and long-term placement opportunities. Every day, we strive to serve our clients and professionals with the utmost integrity and […]

Patient Access to Medical Services Varies by Individual Physician’s

American healthcare reform debates are focused on strategies to provide “access” to medical services for all. Lack of insurance (or under-insurance) seems to be the primary focus, as it is falsely assumed that coverage provides access. Unfortunately, the situation is far more complicated. Once a person has health insurance, there is no guarantee that they will receive […]
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