The Benefits Of Good Leadership At Work

At almost every work site around the globe, there will be some form of leader present, no matter if they have been appointed accordingly or not. Effective leadership is a crucial component in every organization, group or
business, and has the potential not just to take the financial and results to the next level, but also employee happiness and company culture will see a boost.
As there are a number of different characteristics and traits needed for someone to seamlessly slot into the position of a leader, whilst some are of course more important than others. Today, we will start by zooming out and having a look at the general effect of these characteristics, before we zoom into the benefits of good leadership at your work.

Benefits of Good Leadership
One general benefit of good leadership is that it can be taught to pretty much anyone. Although there are people out there more prone to seek roles as leader, or who might have an easier time slotting into the shoes of a manager once the opportunity reveals itself. Below are our top benefits of good leadership at work.

1. Increased Productivity
During the process of being/having a good boss, you’re simultaneously developing employees who are experiencing lower levels of stress, and thus, possess more mental and physical space to spend on their actual
tasks. This will eventually lead to an increased confidence throughout the workforce, leaving the company or organization with lower levels of stress, as well as enhanced motivation. This increased level of motivation will in turn lead to a greater productivity both for employees as well as executives.
If you recognize yourself in one of these executive roles, you might want to grab a pen a paper cause this could have a more significant meaning than previously anticipated. There are a couple of different approaches
when it comes to managing employees and groups of people, and one of the worst ways to do it is through ridding the backs of your subordinates and fellow team members. There are numerous studies reinforcing this hypothesis, including one done by ScienceDirect. Their published study “Good boss, bad boss, workers’ mental health and productivity: Evidence from Japan” provide us with further depth on the matter: “We found that even after controlling for individualspecific fixed effects and other job
characteristics proposed in the job strain model, supervisors’ good communication with staff and competency at managerial tasks significantly improve employees’ mental health. Our findings also suggest that good communication between bosses and staff enhances the latter’s productivity and lowers presenteeism.”

2. A Sense Of Respect
Another of the most important reasons to be a good leader is that you’ll receive a great amount of respect from your colleagues and co-workers. Bosses who treat their employees with respect and honour on a daily
basis, end up getting it back from their workforce. This is way more crucial for the employees and the bosses than you might expect, since it has the potential to provide a great competitive advantage for the company.

3. Improved Employee Engagement
There’s no secret we as human beings love to see ourselves move forward and be successful within our roles. We learn how important it actually is to receive praise when we do something in an extraordinary manner, and how necessary it is to take on constructivefeedback once we’ve got ourselves in over our head.
The truth is, 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to only 18% of those with low engagement. Giving feedback is a skill of successful leaders. Through leadership training, you
can teach effective ways to give feedback to motivate and increase the skill level of your people.


Mapping out some of the actual benefits of good leadership, provides a clearer vision of the effect that someone who’s received specific leadership training might have. It’s needless to say that even though a person might
be the perfect boss candidate in terms of company knowledge, it’s at least as important for this candidate to actually possess the mentality and  wareness to provide the support, calm, and clarity your business need in order to take it to the next level.

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