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At On Call Staffing Solutions, we pride ourselves on service. We started in our home, California. Now we focus on providing the same service we have been giving in our backyard of California, throughout the west!


For Organizations – Since the beginning of time, agencies are seen as the cost burden that every organization wishes they didn’t need. Every hiring decision-maker aims at either establishing an internal recruiting team capable of satisfying all needs, or trying out the ‘too good to be true’ cheap solutions out there. Ultimately, organizations end up trying to get the best pricing they can get from a plethora of agencies. The result is receiving a lot of the same CV’s from actively searching candidates, unwanted locums providers and/or nothing. In today’s competitive hiring climate, organizations should be looking for competitive advantages – working with the California provider expert. At the very minimum, On Call Staffing Solutions acts as an insurance policy should any provider emergencies occur – contact us and more often than not, we’re already prepared for your situation!


For Providers – Gone are the days of phone calls from East Coast recruiters at 6am and/or the geographic misdirection from recruiters unfamiliar with California’s unique landscape. Moving or relocating to the state? Would insight from experts, living and breathing California, be beneficial to your decision-making? Would you rather have a California-specific understanding of compensation reimbursement in various areas, cost of living differences and intangible benefits of one area over another? Are you exhausted by national recruiters contacting you with 1 or 2 opportunities in the entire state? On Call Staffing Solutions represents the biggest names, the best opportunities and everything in between, throughout California. Working with a On Call Staffing Solutions recruiter ensures that you will be in the loop on all of our, sometimes confidential, openings and opportunities in CA. Choosing to work with anyone else puts you at a strategic disadvantage and honestly, could cause you to miss a great opportunity or options that only we can offer!

With all of the expressed value on this page alone, one may think our service requires you to invest heavy financial commitments up front. Nothing could be further from the truth. On Call Staffing Solutions is a free service to providers and a contingent service to organizations.


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