Medical Practitioners

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    Registered Respiratory Therapist
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    January 15, 2020
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General practice doctors ( general practitioners or GPs) are the charming medical professionals that people go to when they are first seeking medical advice and treatment.

Primarily, they work with the same group of patients who are registered with their practice and can find themselves dealing with a huge range of different ailments, injuries and illnesses.

Their responsibilities often include:

– Conducting regular patient check-ups

– Diagnosing any ailments

– Prescribing medication

– Providing advice to people on staying healthy

– Referring patients to specialists and consultants in hospital departments.

The key to understanding the GP’s remit is in the word ‘general’. The GP is the medical world’s jack of all trades. You will need a fantastically broad range of medical knowledge to succeed.

A general practitioner may also work alongside other medical institutions, such as clinics and drop-in centers, to assist in the care of patients outside of their own practice.