The One Absolutely Amazing Secret That Will Change Your Skin

In 2015, the global anti-aging skincare market was estimated to be worth over 140 billion dollars and the market is forecasted to grow by 7.5% annually until 2021. It is easy to find a retailer, manufacturer, online beauty blog or housewife that is touting an over-the-counter anti-aging miracle cream. I’m asked on a daily basis, “What’s the best anti-aging cream?” My answer is, there is no “Fountain of Youth” in a bottle.

I tell my patients that the most effective anti-aging preventative is sunscreen. I also inform my patients that studies have recently shown that daily sunscreen application can actually reverse the signs of photo-aging.  There is no double blind control study comparing the photo-aging preventive effects of any “anti-aging” ingredient marketed in over-the-counter (“OTC”) skincare products with that of sunscreen. It is highly likely that you don’t find one, because sunscreen is inexpensive and in nearly every neighborhood corner store.

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